Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome, Victoria with Roses readers!

I've long been a fan of Victoria's site, even though I'm not yet a bride. (I am in a long-term relationship.) Her lovely, economical, and savvy recommendations inspire not-yet-brides like me and married men and women alike to be creative and unusual in their planning and designing.

Though it hasn't been posted yet, I am thrilled to offer readers of Victoria with Roses a 20% discount on all orders through February 15, 2009 when "VICTORIA" is mentioned in the email or Etsy request. This brings amazing prices down even lower:
  • Two catalog monograms for $4
  • Custom monograms for $4 each
  • One catalog candy wrapper for $4
  • Custom candy wrappers for $12 each
And check out Victoria's blog in the near future for a custom-designed candy wrapper giveaway for any occasion. Welcome, Victoria's readers!