Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Custom wedding program for Abbie

Abbie is a fellow blogger and all-around creative, delightful young woman! I was pleased to work with her on the creative process to design her custom wedding program for her mid-summer nuptials. She had wonderful feedback as we worked through the process. The three inside pages will be printed on Royal Fiber kraft paper (a bit lighter than what you normally see) and the covers will be printed on blue. They'll be bound together at the top. Congratulations to Abbie and J, and thanks for being so great to work with! (All names, dates, and locations have been changed.)

Cover (on blue paper)

Wedding party

Order of ceremony

Special thanks from Abbie and J

A lovely quote for the back cover

The four-page program is now available at Custom Printables with your choice of cover, including the one used for Abbie's program.