Monday, December 5, 2011

Wedding Photos: The escort cards

In the first installment of a series in which I'll show some of my favorite DIY projects from my own wedding, I'm starting with a photo of the escort cards I designed especially for this special occasion.

Using vintage images courtesy of The Graphics Fairy, I created one-of-a-kind escort cards for my guests. The cards were coded for the waitstaff so that they would know what meals to serve each guest: knife = beef, fork = chicken, spoon = vegetarian. Using my wedding theme fonts of Burgues Script and Bell MT, each card featured the guest's name, his/her table number, and the meal requested. With a special pearlized paper that can be printed on an inkjet and prefabricated placecards from LCI Paper, my girlfriends and I spent an early summer night slicing cardstock and assembling these with double-sided tape. I could not have been more proud of how they came out!

Stay tuned for more event pieces from my June 26 wedding!